Erawan Shrine Anniversary

The Erawan Shrine (four-faced Brahma) is one of the three main gods in Hinduism. Erawan Shrine is the local faith of Thailand. The locals will worship at Erawan Shrine anytime.

There are millions of worshippers worldwide. In 1982, Hong Kong-Macau billionaire businessman – Stanley Ho introduced a four-faced Brahma (Phra Phrom) statue from Thailand. In 1984, Taiwan also introduced their first Four Face Buddha. Taiwan’s famous artist – Raine Yang also worshipped four-faced Brahma when she was filming a horror movie.

How to worship at four-faced Brahma

The four hands of the Erawan Shrine hold different sacred objects, including the command flag, the sutra, and the scepter and so on, which also represent the four directions with different fortunes. Facing the shrine’s entrance, the front face represents career and life. Continuing clockwise, the second is symbolic of relationship and family, the third is for wealth, and the last for wisdom and health.  Locals believe that walking around the figure clockwise is the correct way to worship. Devotees have to thank the deity, when wishes come true. Or else, it will bring bad luck.

Devotees whose wishes are granted will hire the dancers to perform to thank the deity. The wooden elephants are also used as offerings when their wishes are granted.

The major Erawan Shrine Anniversary will be on the 9th of November every  year usually worshippers across the different countries will attend this ceremony. Mingli360 is proud to be invited to this ceremony, to be prioritised to worship at  Erawan Shrine. The priest of Erawan Shrine also attended and led the ritual ceremony.

Mingli360 was invited the second time to join this ceremony, to prioritise worship at  the Erawan Shrine.  Ben represents Mingli360 to attend this ceremony, worship at Erawan Shrine with other VIPs from different countries. Although nowadays we are in a pandemic situation, The number of worshipers has decreased relatively, but there are also a lot of local people participating in the shrine. It can be seen that the Erawan Shrine has a very high status in the eyes of local people, and the shrine scene is still spectacular.

Besides Singapore and Malaysia, worshipers from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China also entrust Mingli360 to worship on their behalf. Mingli360 appreciates and is thankful to the Erawan Shrine Committee for the special arrangement, so that Mingli360 can worship at Erawan Shrine smoothly.

Erawan Shrine Anniversary Ceremony

Incense, 4 Candles, 4 Flowers


Incense, 4 Candles, 4 Flowers +
Erawan Shrine Talisman, Bracelet &
Gold Leaf

RM128 + Delivery Fee

Incense, 4 Candles, 4 Flowers,
2 Dancers


Incense, 4 Candles, 4 Flowers,
2 Dancers + Erawan Shrine Talisman, Bracelet & Gold Leaf

RM238 + Delivery Fee

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